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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Physio's Dictionary : E

Physio's Dictionary : E

Controlled, active lengthening contraction of a muscle.


Swelling, with particular reference to joints and their related superficial structures.

Electrical stimulation
Provides a situation whereby there is an electrical generation of action potentials, giving rise to therapeutically significant physiological responses e.g. increased muscle strength, stmulated lymph and blood flow, analgesia, kinaesthetic awareness and autonomic nervous system responses.

Modalities used in the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders e.g. ultrasound, short wave diathermy, interferential therapy, biofeedback, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation and laser.

Quantified information regarding overall muscle performance and function.

Physiotherapist appreciation of the "feel" at the end of the range of motion, either of joint or other tissue. This is a sensation felt during passive movement, by the Therapist.

These are endogenous biomechanical substances implicated in the alleviation of pain, produced as a result of body stress.

Entrapment neuropathy
Pathological situation where a nerve is trapped in an abnormally produced anatomical or physiological site.



Erector spinae
Muscles of the spine that lie posteriorly. These are commonly known as the "anti-gravity" muscles.

The account of how the workplace relates to the human and its function.

That which lies external to the joint.

That which lies external to neural tissue.

taken from : http://members.optusnet.com.au/physio/glossa_m.html

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