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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

eBook: "Physiotherapy for Children" free download

ebook "Physiotherapy for Children" ini berisi tentang dasar-dasar ilmu Pediatri utamanya fisioterapi pediatri. Bukan hanya soal tumbuh kembang anak saja tetapi juga berbagai permasalahan, gangguan, kelainan dan penyakit yang biasanya mengganggu anak-anak. Kami sangat menyarankan anda untuk memiliki ebook "Physiotherapy for Children" ini, terutama anda yang interest dengan dunia Pediatri, jadi ya.. Download saja (link download dibawah) .. gratis kok... (hemat US $ 82)...



Nah.. berikut sekedar review ebook "Physiotherapy for Children" ini.. (co-pas dari Amazon, hehe..)

"Information is presented in a variety of forms: from diagrams, tables and bullet points; to photos, question and answers and case studies; making the information easy to read and take in.

As a student physiotherapist I have found the book extremely helpful; in particular, the use of case studies, which help pull together how the theory is applied in practice. This is an ideal textbook for those with limited experience like myself, or for anybody requiring a little refresher on the subject."

Linda Wilkinson, University of Southampton

"This book is a great introduction to paediatric physiotherapy. It is clear, concise and understandable. Pountney has arranged the book so that each chapter is clearly identified, with it's own contents list on the first page in order to enable to the reader to locate the information they need quickly.

The arrangement of topics is logical and the provision of further reading material as well as useful websites is very beneficial for professional development."

Jennifer Louise Oakes, University of Central Lancashire

"Brilliant. At last a British physiotherapy for children publication. The case studies give appropriate examples of what happens in practice. The figures are very illustrative"

Maggie Whittaker, Lecturer, Health & Human Sciences, University of Essex

Okey... Jika berminat langsung saja DOWNLOAD eBook: "Physiotherapy for Children"
jangan lupa password eBook: "Physiotherapy for Children"

info saja nie... jika anda mendownload, berarti anda hemat sekitar US$ 82 (harga dari amazon)
eBook: "Physiotherapy for Children" ii juga bisa anda download melalui FisioPediSolo dan ForDisFisio

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