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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Using Tea to 'GET' Sleep

20,000 Secrets of Tea: The Most Effective Ways to Benefit from Nature's Healing HerbsFor more than 2000 years now, people have used herbal teas to help them sleep. Especially these days when there are a lot of distractions and so many things to accomplish, there are people who find it hard to sleep. It is also for this reason numerous other methods have been thought of to help people sleep such as pills and massages.

However, some of these may take too much effort while some may have side effects. It may be a good idea for you to try out herbal teas if you are one of those people who are always looking for the best way to make sleeping easier. Before you reach out for your medications, get yourself some herbal tea and read the instructions below.

  • Make your tea. First, use your kettle and boil enough water for your tea. Get your cup and put a little more than one teaspoon of your herbal tea. Pour the boiling water on the cup. You may use a tea strainer or brewing basket to make sure that you would not get to drink the actual tea leaves or herbs. Just leave it for about ten minutes. Start straining the herbs.
  • Use Chamomile. One of the traditional herbs used for sleep and relaxation is Chamomile. You can find it in some herbal tea brands that are marketed as sleeping aids like Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime Tea.
  • Use Valerian. Valerian is used in treating anxiety and promoting sleep effectively as it is an herbal sedative.
  • Avoid caffeine. Caffeine is a hindrance to sleep. Most people have the habit of drinking coffee while they are working at night. It is best to avoid drinks that contain caffeine. Whenever you feel like drinking one, replace it with an herbal tea instead. Take note that there are teas that contain caffeine. It is best that you drink green teas and herbal teas. Instead of being wide awake, you will find yourself more relaxed and prepared for sleep. Also, remember that drinking too much caffeine may result to chronic insomnia. Having this disorder will not allow you to have any caffeine.

Herbal teas are popular for their health benefits. Not only are their natural ingredients good for our health, they also help us sleep better, which adds to its health benefits. Making herbal teas as a standard in your lifestyle or everyday routine will help clean your system and establish a regular and appropriate body clock for you. They are readily available since you can buy them from your local groceries and health stores. You may also count on some kinds of herbal teas to make you feel better when you have colds and flu. There are different ways of making herbal teas. You can also add twists to it to make them more enjoyable for you. You may try taking different kinds of herbal teas each day to be able to find one that will serve as your comfort tea. For more information, you may consult nutritionists. You may also check on other websites that are focused on giving extensive details and uses of the different kinds of herbal teas.

How To Use Tea as a Sleep Aid | By Ursula Roberts | www.HowToDoThings.com



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