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Monday, May 16, 2011

The Power of Positive affirmations

Affirmations are short little sentences that say something that you want, in a positive manner, or are about something you'd like to change in your life. One of the oldest and best positive affirmations I know of is a very simple one and it goes like this "I am getting better and better every day in every way." Short, sweet and simple to remember.

What then is the subconscious mind, is it some mysterious thing or are we always using it one way or another. Sub means below so subconscious means below the conscious mind. In other words you are aware of very little that happens in the subconscious mind but it has a major effect on your life.

The problem is your subconscious mind believes whatever it's told and more often than not acts like a spoiled child unless you learn to control it or program it. Programming the subconscious is the purpose of positive affirmations. You are rewriting some of the old, and wrong, ideas that your mind has and replacing them with new and positive ideas so you will have a better or richer life.

Affirmations are used to reprogram your mind and get rid of some of the wrong beliefs that are ingrained in your subconscious. It doesn't make any difference if these beliefs are really true, most of them aren't, your subconscious accepts them as true and provides your conscious mind with ideas or thoughts that aren't true.

If you were told when you were a child that having money was bad or if your parents or people around you ridiculed people with money your subconscious will believe that having money is bad and will do it's best to keep you from having all the money you could have. You may consciously realize now, as an adult, that there really is nothing wrong with having money and that having a lot of it is a good thing. However is your subconscious doesn't believe it you are going to be limited in the amount of money you earn, make or come into.

Do positive affirmations really work to change your subconscious beliefs? They worked for me and they still work for me. In 1995 I left my wife and got divorced. When I left I had an old 76 Ford pickup that was on it's last legs and $1200.00 bucks. I found a new job in a different area of the country and during my daily drives to and from work I repeated all of my positive affirmations.

Some of the affirmations I used was "Money is attracted to me at all times." and "Everything I do brings me more and more money." "I am a money magnet." There were more affirmations and they took about 5 minutes to go through all of them. Driving is a fairly simple activity when you drive the same road twice a day so the fact that you are relaxed and your mind is calm helps make it easier for the affirmations to have an effect. Driving is almost a hypnotic activity and this opens your subconscious to more easily receive what you are telling it with the affirmations.

I did this every time I went to or from work and at other times when I was driving. After a little over a year I was offered a job, out of the blue, that more than doubled my salary at the time. Two years after that I had my own internet business and was living in a $300,000.00 dream house on the lake.

Opportunities kept coming up for me and the money just kept flooding in. It's not hard to get used to checks for 20-50K coming in every week, week after week. I made a ton of money and had everything for toys that I'd ever wanted. I paid cash for cars, SUV's and pickup trucks, boats, motorcycles, 4 wheelers and anything else I desired. I owed no one a penny.

Then I stopped doing my affirmations, stopped programming my subconscious mind for success and went through most of the money fairly quickly. Easy come, easy go. I still have some of it left but I made a big mistake with my affirmations, besides quitting saying them every day. I should have been using some affirmations that would have enabled me to hang onto most of the money, but I didn't. I will this time. 

From my experience I will tell you that positive affirmations work and they work on the subconscious mind very well. If you ant to have a happier life, more money or anything else you can achieve these things with positive affirmations just like I did using the power of subconscious mind to bring me the things I wanted. You can too.

SOURCE: Positive Affirmations and Mind Power  [ mentalpowerandthemind.com


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